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The Game, guide

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The Game, Guide and example guidelines and characters.

Welcome and thanks for being interested in the guidelines to follow when attaining the game.
The game gets delivered by a medium automatically and notifies the owner of the newly arrived package to make it possible for unpacking by unwrap the gadget. It's placed within the mind of every person available at the time of delivering and also gets automatically delivered to newly arrived baby for later unwrapping when becoming aware of it. Step into the game or connect to it or be creative with how you shape it and want your game to look like.

Cast of characters:

Choose the character yourself and or create a plan for it to stick to as much as possible and keep working the plan in every aspect of your personal life.


1. Treasure Hunter, example:

By always keeping the keys nearby and searching for treasures even small ones are likely to be making this character happy.

2. Spell Howler, example:

Dark magic obtained in a mysterious way able to bend even the weather to the liking and fitting behaviour of this character.

3. Warlock, example:

Interested and master in the psychology of magic the warlock is likely to be a friendly but almost dark and sinister looking character able to trick and drain others for energy for a personal gain.

4. Android, example:

Service minded character helping most digital issues away for themselves or even peers that are asking for a piece of software to self-service their interests and learn more and become master of a rising level of knowledge.

5. Super, example:

Able to do almost anyway what this character wants without anyone questioning its behaviour. Friendly or sinister people already know the character and support bad or good with the necessary understanding of personal preference.

6. Paranormal, example:

This character knows alot even without a touch of reality together with the other characters involved. Gains knowledge by a secret unknown algorithm based on hightech and unknown knowledge to others to attain a higher level of existance.

7. Healer, example:

A most attended favorite is to nurse other characters by helping with medicine and health issues arising because they are well-educated and have a higher understanding and natural path to be helpfull to others.

8. Free Hustler, example:

Trying to get anything for as low-cost as possible without the need of thinking of conscience about treating others in a manipulative way to get what they want.

9. Healer, example:

Before in time a healer were known to gather medication for treating wounded warriors or humans alike for having a restoration moment to gather strength to continue. As per default all players continously from a starting point all share the same characteristic of being unable to leave life and keep up the spirit to share the skill of self-healing while a healer is a buff spark to retain the eneergy and preserve the right to have some time to collect and fill up their eneergy.

The mindset of creating The Game or just in general Game in daily speech. Is to boost a person to a better self and reach a level of understanding reality more and more while gaming and trying the different characters and combining for the end result to be evaluated for being the best player and later get a path to reach a permanent place in the real world as ever existing spirit that has and did the right for themselves while having fun with other characters and friends.

The most likely event reaches its temporary high by a big event happening in reality without great notice but aware for the good listener and careful player.

If you care to write an entry to develop more character structures and descriptions, you are free to use the Comments to add your feedback to the list of available collection and options that are free to use and available to others. Premium characters can occur and is available for developers to add to the overview of available selections. More characteristics can be available as upgrades for players to gain and attain a more broad cast of characters available to use and will be listed on this page for players to observe and gather. If you have Premium characters, admin, will be happy to share a donation button or purchase option to this page ( for people to spend and gain for further development of "The Game" for available customization options.

Have fun! Stay in the game. Creator, developer, admin, GameMaster, GM FastBuffer/Qwest.

Feel free to enjoy! Welcome.


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