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Monday, 02 May 2022 22:27

Internet, webhosting, digital lobby and exploration of a digital network

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There are more reasons to have a website. Most owners of websites are from small businesses to industrial scale corporations but also personal websites do appear to be interesting for people to spend time reading and study.
One way to explain a website is a visual interface to a corporate or person, group or be it a section of interactive media where it is possible to both learn while being an approved science magazine and educational release media where people can have several and more reasons to be a part and keep a subscription which for the most part is also a general app of a mobile device subscription, part of the pitch where the internet connection is a social part of the device giving access and possibility to be connected. The internet can be explained as existance like the same principle of attending a hotel room or digital lobby.

First you get a key which is exlpained by a subscription, the business is the device in itself for what else reasons a user is keeping such, the use is for plenty as many are available because its a visual interface to a social built network with focus on education and a reasonable use of time to keep entertained and foremost not getting bored by being alone which is the first and biggest matter of speech because its, as also called a smart device with human interaction possiblities and interface to a world of many options to choose most like a menu cart to explore what is time and pop and interesting for the actual calendar at selectable regions followed by a personal choice as factor to display only what you want, need or like and relate to as this time being. 

To be continued.


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